‘’Accessories are like vitamins to fashion.’’ That’s what Anna Dello Russo once said. Dutch identical designer twins Truus and Riet Spijkers, known for their fashion label Spijkers & Spijkers couldn’t agree more. That’s why they launched their already 3rd fashionable collection of glasses for Specsavers!

    Inspired by the roaring twenties and art deco, the Dutch Mary-Kate and Ashley designed 8 new frames made for ‘’strong and interesting women’’. Their own favorite is the butterfly-shaped tortoise colored model with a golden line. I totally agree, PLUS that model can save you a lot of money because according to Truus and Riet it gives your face a ‘’positive lift’’, no surgery needed.

    The new collection was launched in the beautiful Tuschinski theatre in Amsterdam. First they showed us a short movie of the new Specsavers commercial, and a look behind the scenes of the design process. Later the Spijkers twins made all their guests feel like they were Leo DiCaprio at a Gatsby party, including live jazz music, champagne, and their favorite look-a-like muses Josephine Baker, Brigitte Bardot, Louise Brooks and Amelia Earhart.

    The best news of all? Early 2015 they are going to launch the other half of the collection, which means there will be 16 amazing Spijkers & Spijkers for Specsavers glasses. And they already gave one scoop: the new collection will include some unisex models. Can’t wait!!

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    Ever thought about the amount of chemicals you’re applying to your skin every morning and night? Me neither. That one time I made a feeble attempt at reading the ingredients list… I almost fainted of boredom, and simultaneously had a panic attack because of the amount of non-human words crammed into 5 sentences, which were staring at me like Darth Vader on acid.  

    Well, it still is important to check, check, double check what the bleep you’re putting on your face. Now a days nothing is organic, unless you seek for it. And it turns out, all those organic beauty products seem to be making my blemish prone skin better one day at a time. 

    Enter the new, light weight and very smart friend Think Dirty. This little bugger keeps the filth at bay. No more controversial additives like formaldehyde releasers, retinyl palmitate, and parabens will feast on your skin without your permission. And remember… “even with products that are labeled “all-natural” or “organic,” there is little transparency in labeling cosmetics.

    Think Dirty, an ingenious app developed by Lily Tse, lists more than 68,300 products from North America and Europe. A dirtyness scale is applied, where clean products score  a 10 and filthy buggers are praised with a 1. Everything in between, you may judge. 

    You can download this app for free via the app store.

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    Museums, dull? Certainly not! Specially Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, who just opened their new exposition The future of fashion is now. I say: a definite must-visit!

    The critical new generation of fashion designers do not always appreciate the current fashion system. Although a wardrobe update every six months may sound very appealing – these new generation designers make more sustainable, and innovative fashion: something that doesn’t need an update every six months. Their work is a mixture between art and fashion, something a little bit more interesting.

    Over fifty designers, not just well-known names, but also up and coming designers, showcase their work in an exhibition that also includes videos and installations. Practical and innovative visions shape the exhibition, and create a futuristic atmosphere.

    My favorite? Pauline van Dongen’s wearable technology. Not only do the clothes look absolutely stunning; the fabric also has the ability to charge a smartphone. Weird and exciting at the same time!

    Boijmans van Beuningen

    Where? Museumpark 18 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

    Who? Viktor&Rolf, Christophe Coppens (Belgium), Hussein Chalayan (Cyprus), Rejina Pyo (Korea), and many more

    When? Until January 18th 2015

    Tickets? Right here



    When you say edgy, minimalistic, arty, and oversized… I say Rick Owens. Rick on the other hand likes to describe himself more as elegant and depraved. I had to Google that last word, but ok, I agree!

    When London department store extraordinaire Selfridges decides to team up with the elegant but depraved designer for his 20th fashion anniversary, you know something maj is going to happen. So instead of just doing the windows, Rick took over the whole building!!


    It is no secret RO loves himself; every Rick Owens store has his own 1:1 naked wax figure of the 51 year old designer. But according to the self-lover himself it was Selfridges’ idea to put a huge 8 meter high statue of his torso, including a torch on fire on top of the store’s main entrance. 


    ‘’All I wanted was vomiting black blood and glowing eyes.’’ HAHA, not only depraved, but funny too. He is actually talking about one of his four windows. Other windows include one with black stairs, smoke, and his logo on fire, a half circle with a half moon, and a man with a silver plate attached to his neck. Now that is some real depraved creativity!

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    My all time favourite twins are doing “the 2.0”. The what? The abracadabra spin-off of a success product. And that’s ok, because I still love them. And why not? Never change a winning game, so never change a winning product… just tweak it and make it even better, and sell even more. You can get your new Elizabeth and James Nirvana White Perfume Oil and Nirvana Black Perfume Oil at

    Out of bed hair? Always a good idea apparently, according to the fashion geniuses this fall. I’m still trying to figure out though why my out of bed hair always looks like the pigeon’s, who’s ruining my much needed sleep every morning, nest. That pigeon and my hair are both just impossible…

    This fall I’ll be wearing… nude nail polish. Ok, and maybe some red, because red is always a good look. Always. But for the rest of the time my nails will be minimal nude. Just the way I like it. Uhuh. Uhuh.


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    So, did you ever think QR codes would become a fashionable, covetable, and wannahave item? Nope? Well, me neither. Yet here I am, writing about a cool new initiative, which will definitely have a place in my carefully selected wardrobe. 

    World, meet Addmyberry. A hipster brand with on trend sweaters and tees. Each piece of clothing has its own print with a specially designed QR code. Scan this baby with your smartphone and be surprised with a cool fact, secret message or a special assignment. 

    Next to the usual winter and summer collections, AMB will also launch flash collections in limited editions. This way they try to boost young designers and upcoming fashionistas, as well as support known artists and inspiring companies.

    Price range: €39 - €99

    Designs: women & men